The right to conclude a contract for the development of a set of technological documentation for the repair of Smolensk NPP equipment. Development of regulation of maintenance and repair of equipment of unit № 3 of Smolensk NPP (complex system of control, management and protection. Uninterrupted power supply system of complex control, control and protection system. Software and technical complex of the management system of Safety (technological). System of uninterrupted power supply of the control system of safety (technological)

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   Jan 13, 2019
   National procurement
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Право заключения договора на Разработка комплекта технологической документации на ремонт оборудования Смоленской АЭС. Разработка регламента технического обслуживания и ремонта оборудования энергоблока №3 Смоленской АЭС (Комплексная система контроля, управления и защиты...
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