Procurement of IT equipment for national procurement authority (NPA)

Request For Proposals

General Information

   Kabul, Afghanistan
   IFB NPA/98/G-2388 /NCB
   Feb 11, 2019
   5. Qualifications requirements include

Financial Capability
The Bidder shall furnish documentary evidence that it meets the following financial requirement(s):
ii) The Bidder shall include a bank statement, Unconditional line of credit or any other document from reputed banks indicating their financial status and ability to perform the contract as follow: 3,965,000 AFS
Experience and Technical Capacity
The Bidder shall furnish documentary evidence to demonstrate that it meets the following experience requirement(s):
Submission of copy of 1 executed contract of similar nature and magnitude within the last 5 years. Equivalent to: 4,956,000 AFS
- Name and address of Purchaser with email address/phone no.
- Contract number, amount and date.
- Equipment/items ordered/supplied with their respective quantities.
- Scheduled delivery date and actual delivery date.
- Details of Complaint, if any, received from the purchaser about the performance of the Equipment/items.
For Joint Venture of consortium, the lead member shall meet at least 40% of that required, and each member shall meet at least 25% of the Turnover and cash flow, in which all partners combined must meet with 100% of the requirement.
For Experiences and Technical Capacity all partners combined must meet requirement
 For the purpose of Warranty: please visit the technical specification attached with this bidding document.
   International procurement

Contact information

   Safiullah Alokozai
Procurement Liaison Specialist
National Procurement Authority
Pashtoonistan Wat/ National Procurement Authority/ Administration Office of The President
Kabul, Kabul +93
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