Purchase of Office stationary

Stamps, cheque forms, banknotes, stock certificates, trade advertising material, catalogues and manuals; Various types of printed matter and articles for printing; Paper or paperboard registers, account books, binders, forms and other articles of printed stationery; Miscellaneous printed matter; Various types of printed matter and articles for printing; Office machinery, equipment and supplies except computers; Manufactured goods, furniture, handicrafts, special-purpose products and associated consumables; Furniture; Jewellery and related articles; Musical instruments and parts; Sports goods and equipment; Games and toys; fairground amusements; Miscellaneous manufactured and other goods; Consumables and consumer goods; Handicraft and art supplies; Special-purpose product;Stamps;Stamp-impressed paper;Banknotes;Cheque forms;Security-type printed matter;Trade-advertising material, commercial catalogues and manuals;Manuals;Paper or paperboard registers;Forms;Exercise books;Albums for samples;Binders and related accessories;Printed stationery except forms;Car-tax discs;Driving licences;ID cards;Permits;Entrance cards;Bespoke printed matter;Tickets;Word-processing machines;Photocopying and printing equipment;Post-office equipment;Calculating and accounting machines;Typewriters;Parts and accessories of typewriters and calculating machines;Various office equipment and supplies;Seats, chairs and associated parts;Non-domestic furniture;Domestic furniture;Miscellaneous furniture and equipment;School furniture;Coins and medals;Articles of jewellery;Musical instruments;Parts and accessories of musical instruments;Outdoor sports equipment;Gymnasium equipment;Dolls;Toys;Articles for funfair, table or parlour games;Laundry supplies;School slates or boards with writing or drawing surfaces;Artificial products;Apparatus and equipment designed for demonstrational purposes;Umbrellas and sunshades; walking sticks and seat sticks;Funeral supplies;Kitchen equipment, household items and catering supplies;Barracks supplies;Consumables;Tax-free goods;Disposable goods;Handicraft supplies;Art supplies;Police equipment;Recycled products;Security devices;Animal ear tags;Compost boxes;Tokens;Spray booths;Snow poles
Ministry : Ministry of Education Division :
Organization : Directorate of Secondary & Higher Education Procuring Entity Name : Finance and Procurement
Procuring Entity Code : Procuring Entity District : Dhaka
Procurement Nature : Goods Procurement Type : NCT
Event Type : TENDER Invitation for : Tender - Single Lot
Invitation Reference No. : 37.02.0000.;(GR-2), Date:03-01-1 Tender/Proposal Status :
App ID : 140254 Tender/Proposal ID : 269041

Eligibility of Tenderer :

Eligibility of tenderer:

1. The Tenderer must have a Valid Trade License
2. Up-to-date Income Tax Clearance Certificate
3. VAT Registration Certificate
4. Bank solvency certificate that clearly mentions latest balance which meets PE's requirements described in the TDS and in case of credit facilities, The Bank authority has to certify how much credit facilities been approved against that particular company in this fiscal year and present status on that which has to comply with PE's requirements.
5. Minimum 4 (Four) years of overall experience in Supplying of Office Stationary. (NOA, Work Orders are not acceptable as overall experience).

6. Satisfactory completion of supply of similar Goods of at least 02 (Two) contract valued at minimum Taka 7,00,000 (Taka seven lac) within the last 3 years. i.e. years counting backward from the date of deadline for submission of tender in the e-GP System.. Successful completion certificate from relevant procuring entity demonstrating the similar experience mentioning amount and duration of contract for supplying similar goods and providing related services will be acceptable as evidence of such experience. Notification of Award (NOA)/ Work Order will not be acceptable as evidence of similar experience.
7. Other criteria mentioned in the TDS.

Brief Description of Goods and Related Service :

GR-2 : Purchase of Office Stationary

Evaluation Type : Lot wise
Document Available : Package wise
Document Fees : Package wise
Tender/Proposal Document Price (In BDT) : 1000
Mode of Payment :
Tender/Proposal Security Valid Up to : 26-May-2019
Tender/Proposal Valid Up to : 28-Apr-2019
Lot No. Identification of Lot Location Tender/Proposal security
(Amount in BDT)
Start Date Completion Date
1 Purchase of Office stationary DSHE Building-1 23000 28-Feb-2019 27-Mar-2019