52-0806-412 - clearing & grubbing

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United States
   504, 52-0806-412
   Jul 16, 2017
   Jul 18, 2017

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   800 Lincoln Way
IA, 50010
United States

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Excavating and earthmoving work   Tree-clearing services   Tree pruning and hedge trimming   Tree pruning   Hedge trimming   Tree-cutting services  

Original Text

Tenders are invited for clearing & grubbing, embankment-in-place, silt fence, stabilizing crop, seed & fert. , excavation class 10, fence, field, surfacing, gravel, construction survey, topsoil, strip/salvage/spread,

Notes: this project has a "prevailing wage" requirement.Dbe goal: 1%.

$25,000 bid bond

Bid date & time: 07/18/17 10:00 am

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