Contract of protection of the Ministry’s Building by Hiring K9 Company

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   Jun 22, 2017
   Jul 19, 2017
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Announcement for the first time
Subject/ Contract of protection of the Ministry’s Building by Hiring K9 Company

Tender No. 5/2017
Method of Contracting: Announcement of a Public Tender
Estimated Cost: 368.160.000 (three hundred and sixty-eight millions and one hundred and sixty thousands ID only.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq announces a tender of concluding a contract of protection of the ministry’s buildings by hiring K9 Company.
Accredited companies in the field of providing the services of K9 who wish to participate in this tender may visit the headquarters of the ministry in Baghdad-AlSalhiya to receive all tender documents and requirements in return of paying an amount of ($100) non-refundable . Accredited and well reputed foreign companies are exempted from this condition pursuant to the provisions of article (4/First/B) of the Law of Executing Governmental Contracts number (2) of 2014.

Bids shall be submitted in a closed and sealed envelope to the address mentioned above on the deadline of (Wednesday) 19th of July 2017 at 12:00 p.m. Upon submission of bids, a receipt will be given to confirm receiving envelopes whose expiration period must not be less than 180 days starting from the bidding closing date. Bids must be accompanied by preliminary deposit of (1%) of value of the estimated cost.

We also inform you that a conference will be held at the ministry’s headquarters at on (Sunday) 9th of July 2017 at 12:00 p.m to reply the inquires of the accredited companies. Bids will be opened by the bid opening committee on the same day of the closing bid .Bids shall not meet the conditions mentioned in the announcement or those stated the documents of tender, will be disqualified. The winning bidder shall pay the announcement and advertisement fees. For Further information, Please contact us via the following e-mail address: Or visit our website:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Iraq
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