Dickson Dam Reservoir, Grounds Maintenance and Small Project Services Proposal 2017/18

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   May 18, 2017
   May 30, 2017

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   Louis VanAmelsvoort

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Dickson Dam Reservoir, Grounds Maintenance and Small Project Services Proposal 2017/18

Dickson Dam is an asset within the Operations Infrastructure Branch of Alberta Environment and Parks. This facility is located 27 km west of Innisfail on the Red Deer River. It provides an assured water supply to various downstream users and municipalities, and has many secondary benefits such as flood attenuation, recreation, and improved water quality.

Regular seasonal removal of debris from the reservoir, shore line and safety boom are required as to reduce both operational and public safety risk. Removing debris as a planned maintenance task reduces the volume of reactionary maintenance activities which often arise at inopportune times.

Alberta Environment and Parks requires the services of a reputable contactor to provide qualified personnel and equipment to assist with the maintenance of Dickson Dam’s water management infrastructure as to ensure a high quality of operational excellence and functionality during all operating conditions.

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