Laboratory Analysis of Water Quality parameters

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   May 18, 2017
   Jun 16, 2017

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   Colin Cooke

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Laboratory Analysis of Water Quality parameters

The Environmental Monitoring and Science Division (EMSD) of Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is responsible for providing credible, scientific data and relevant information on the conditions of Alberta’s environment. The department’s mandate is to provide the timely and objective monitoring, evaluation and reporting of data and information on air, land, water and biodiversity, including information necessary to understand cumulative effects, in order to better inform the understanding of the public, policy makers, regulators, planners, researchers, communities, and industry.

EMSD conducts regular monitoring activities across Alberta. These activities include collecting various types of samples (for example: water, sediment, biological materials, etc.), which then need to be analyzed at suitable analytical laboratories.

This RFP will establish contracts with commercial laboratories to provide the analytical services outlined in Appendix B of the RFP.

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