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   May 18, 2017
   Jun 5, 2017
   International procurement

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Kenyatta National Hospital, P.O Box 20723 KNH.

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1.1 Kenyatta National Hospital will select a firm among those invited to submit a proposal, in accordance with the method of selection detailed under this section.
1.2 The consultants are invited to submit a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal for the assignment as indicated in the letter of invitation
1.3 The consultants must familiarize themselves with local conditions and take them into account in preparing their proposals. To obtain first hand information on the assignment and on the local conditions, consultants are encouraged to liaise with the client regarding any information that they may require before submitting a proposal and to attend a pre-proposal conference where applicable. Consultants should ensure that these officials are advised of the visit in adequate time to allow them to make appropriate arrangements.
1.4 The Client will provide the inputs specified in Appendix “A” to assist the firm in obtaining licenses and permits needed to carry out the services and make available relevant project data and reports.
1.5 Please note that (i) the costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiating the Contract, including any visit to the Client are not reimbursable as direct cost of the assignment; and (ii) the Client is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.
2. Clarification and 2.1 Consultants may request a clarification
Amendment of RFP of any of the RFP documents only up to
Documents seven (7) days before the proposal
Submission date. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing by paper mail, cable, telex, facsimile or electronic mail to the Client’s address

indicated in Appendix “A”. The Client will respond by cable, telex, facsimile or electronic mail to such requests and will send written copies of the response (including an explanation inquiry) to all invited consultants who intend to submit proposals.
2.2 At any time before the submission of proposal, the client may for any reason, whether at his own initiative or in response to clarification requested by an invited firm, amend the RFP. Any amendment shall be issued in writing through addenda. Addenda shall be sent by mail, cable, telex or facsimile to all invited consultants and will be binding on them. The Client may at his discretion extend the deadline for the submission of proposals.
3. Preparation of 3.1 The Consultants proposal shall be
Proposal written in English language.
Technical Proposal 3.2 In preparing the Technical Proposal,
Consultants are expected to examine the documents constituting this RFP in detail. Mark specific/clearly the consultancy the firm is participating in. Material Deficiencies in providing the Information requested may result in rejection of a proposal.
3.3 While preparing the Technical Proposal,
Consultants must give particular attention to the following:
(i) If a Firm considers that it does not have all the expertise for the assignment, it may obtain a full
range of expertise by associating with individual consultant (s) and/or other firms or entities in a joint venture or sub consultancy as appropriate. Consultants shall not associate with other consultants invited for this assignment. Any
firms associating in contravention of this requirement shall automatically be disqualified.
(ii) For assignment on a staff-time basis, the estimated number of professional staff-months is given in Appendix “A”. The proposal shall however be based on the number of Professional staff-months estimated
by the firm.
(iii) It is desirable that the majority of the key Professional staff proposed be Permanent employees of the firm or have an extended and stable working relationship with it.
(iv) Proposed professional staff must as a Minimum, have the experience indicated in Appendix “A”, preferably working under conditions similar to those prevailing in Kenya.
(v) Alternative professional staff shall not Be proposed and only one curriculum vitae may be submitted for each position.
3.4 The Technical Proposal shall provide the following information using the attached Standard Forms;
(i) A brief description of the firm’s organization and an outline of recent experience on assignments of a similar nature. For each assignment the outline should indicate inter alia, the profiles of the staff proposed, duration of the assignment, contract amount and firm’s involvement.


(ii) Any comments or suggestions on the Terms of Reference, a list of services and facilities to be provided by the Client.
(iii) A description of the methodology and work plan performing the assignment.

(iv) The list of the proposed staff team by specialty, the tasks that would be assigned to each staff team member and their timing.
(v) CVs recently signed by the proposed staff and the authorized representative submitting the proposal. Key information should include number of years working for the firm/entity and degree of responsibility held in various assignments during the last five (5) years.
(vi) Estimates of the total staff input (professional) and support staff [staff-time) needed to carry out the assignment supported by bar chart diagrams showing the time proposed for each professional staff team member.
(vii) A detailed description of proposed methodology, staffing and monitoring of training, if Appendix “A” specifies training as a major component of the assignment.

(viii) Any additional information requested in Appendix “A”.

The Financial Proposal should follow Standard Forms (Section D). It lists all costs associated with the assignment including (a) remuneration of the staff; and; (b) reimbursable expenses such as subsistence (per Diem, housing), transportation (international and local, for mobilization and demobilization), furniture, and supplies), office rent, insurance, printing of documents, surveys, and training, if it is a major component of the assignment. If appropriate these costs should be broken down by activity.

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