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   May 17, 2017
   Jun 7, 2017
   World Bank

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   Chreay Pom
Ministry of Rural Development
Corner Street 169 & Russian Federation Blvd, Phnom Penh
   012 826 102
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Procurement consultancy services  

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   ;                                    &nbs p;                                    &nb sp;                                   Cam bodia Southeast Asia Disaster Risk Management Project (Project ID:P160929)

                                                                                              ; &nbs  ;                                    p;                       Request for Expressions ofInterest

                                                                                    ; &                                                                  InternationalProcurem ent Consultant (IPC)

                     ;                                    &nbs p;                                    &nb sp;                                (12 months over the period of 36 months from the contract start date)


1. The Royal Governmentof Cambodia (RGC) has obtained financing from the International Development Association IDA) towards the cost of the CambodiaSoutheast Asia Disaster Risk Managem ent Project for rehabilitation and upgrade of Rural Roads in six Provinces in Cambodia. TheMinistry of Rural Development is the imp lementing agency for component 1 and 3 of the Cambodia Southeast Asia Disaster RiskManagement Project (CDRM) and intends to apply p art of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consultingservices to be procured under this project. The Pr oject Development Objective (PDO) for the CADRM is to reduce the impacts ofnatural hazards – in Cambodia this will entail imp roving climate resilient rural road connectivity in selectedprovinces

2. The IPC to be selected and be based in Project Manag ement Unit, Ministry of Rural Development (PMU-MRD) andresponsible for providing procurement professional assistance to PMU-MRD of DRMP to implement, coordinate, and monitor projectprocurement activities under the Program in accordance with the agreed and applic able procurement procedures and guidelines. Indoing so, he/she must work in close consultation and cooperation with PMU staff, cons ultants, and all concerned entities of CDRMP.The IPC will work under the supervision and guidance of the head of procurement unit o f MRD and report to the projectdirector.

3. Minimum Key Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree (Masters or above) in Civ il Engineering, or otherrelevant fields;
  • At least ten-year international experience in carrying out public procurement, in cluding procurement ofgoods, works (including the performance based contract) and consultant services.  Experience in carrying out procurementunder WB-financed projects will be given a clear preference;
  • Sound experience in procurement training incl uding hand-ontraining and procurement monitoring system with proven record;
  • Familiarity with World Bank Procurement Proced ures, Policyand Guidelines for Consultants’ Services, Goods and Civil Works, and standard bidding documents, particularly for civilworks including for performance based contract.
  • Familiarity with RGC’s SOP,  Procurement Manual and Stand ardBidding Documents for Externally financed Projects will be an advantage;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English;
  • Comprehensive computer skills with minimum in use of Microsoft Office.

4. Contract Duration: The InternationalProcurement Consultant will contracted for 12 months over 36 months from the contract start date.

5. The Ministry of Rural Devvelopme Procuret invites expressions of interest from qualified and experienced candidates to undertake the above mentionedservices which a her detailed in the Terms of Reference for the assignments. The International Procurement Consultant will beselected in accordance with the World Bank’s Consultant Guidelines:   Selection and Employment of Consultants underIBRD Loans and IDA Cred its and Grants by World Bank Borrowers dated January 2011, revised July 2014.

6. In submitting theirexpressions of interest, Candidates must provide their updated curriculum vitaes, indicating professional  skills, academicqualifications, and experien ce in similar assignments, along with the names of at least three (2) referees with contactinformation (e-mail address, telephone o r fax numbers).

7.Interested candidates can request for the detailed Terms ofReference (in English) for the assignment from t he address below during office hours from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to17:30 hours, Monday through Friday, except public holidays .

8.Expressions of interests must be submitted to the addressbelow no later than June 07, 2017 (before 17:30 hours)</ strong>:

Mr. Bun Kheang


Cambodia Disaster Risk Management Project

3th F loor, Ministry of Rural Development

Russian FederationBlvd., Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Tel: 012996464


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