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   May 19, 2017
   May 26, 2017

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   PO Box 909 2651 Siringo Rd, Building H Santa Fe, NM, 87505-5229 Attn: Shirley Rodriguez (Purchasing Office)
United States

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Tenders are invited for Arbitrage And Rebate Calculation Services SCOPE OF WORK: A. Perform calculations and services related to the arbitrage and/or rebate penalty election requirements contained in Section 148 of the Internal Revenue Code and those regulations promulgated therein. Applying applicable federal tax rules, the calculations are to be performed with respect to the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico bond issues, current and future for the term of this agreement. Current outstanding bond issues for which arbitrage rebate calculations are required are attached: Additional bond issues are likely to be issued during the term of this agreement and will be added to the agreement at that time. B. Calculate the amount of rebate liability on the above bond issues once per year as of the end of each bond year and as of the final maturity or redemption of the bonds, and prepare schedules reflecting the relevant calculations and assumptions involved. C. Submit to the City rebate and/or penalty liability reports with handling instructions in a timely manner; prepare all required IRS filings as 11 applicable. The City will sign the IRS filing, attach a check as appropriate and submit, with a copy to the firm.

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