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   May 14, 2017
   Jun 13, 2017
   EU Development and Cooperation
   National procurement

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   Eron McLean
Caribbean Maritime Institute
   618-2047 Ext
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Original Text

Caribbean Maritime Institute invites tenders for the project
being funded by Government Subvention
The bidder is to provide full-time and part-time uniformed ancillary services and maintenance workers who shall be at the locations as follows:

• Safety Room #1 (Block B Upstairs) 416 sq. ft
• Safety Room #2(Block C Downstairs) 32x40=1280 sq. ft
• Classrooms 14-17 One male bathroom One female bathroom (Block B Upstairs) 4,687 sq. ft
• Class Rooms 9-11 2,800 sq. ft
• Class Rooms B12 B13) 2,365 sq. ft
• Class Rooms (C2-C) Four bathrooms: (two females, upstairs and downstairs,Two males, one upstairs, one downstairs). 20x32x
• Class Rooms #4-7 (Block A)
• St. Kitts (Upstairs) (Block A) Left Side Right Side 1,000 sq. ft
• St. Kitts One male bathroom, One female bathroom (Downstairs) (Block A) 132 sq. ft
• Chemistry Lab (Block A Upstairs) 700 sq. ft
• Computer Room #1 (Block A Downstairs) 720 sq. ft
• Computer Room #2 (Block A Downstairs) 1220 sq. ft
• MIS Office, One bathroom (Block A Downstairs) 170 sq. ft
• Dean of Discipline’s Office 80 sq. ft
• Mandarin Lecturers’ Office 80 sq. ft
• Electrical Lab (Block A Downstairs) 576 sq. ft
• Auditorium #1 888 sq. ft.
• Engine Simulator (Block A Downstairs) 700 sq. ft
• Crane Simulator 320 sq. ft
• Auditorium #3A 795 sq. ft
• Auditorium #3B 795 sq. ft
• Bridge Simulator #1 1,591 sq. ft
• Bridge Simulator #2 1,443 sq. ft
• GMDSS 589 sq. ft
• Library and Library Office, One bathroom 2,133 sq. ft
• Exam Centre 204 sq. ft
• Seamanship Lab and Office 2,688 sq. ft
• Engineering Workshop Office, One female and one male bathroom 187.5 sq. ft
• Hydraulic Room 288 sq. ft
• Welding Workshop Office, One male bathroom, One female bathroom 16.5 sq. ft
• Adjunct Lecturers’ Office 720 sq. ft
• Senior Lecturers’ Office 360 sq. ft
• Registry, (Common Areas and six (6) Offices) One male bathroom One female bathroom Administration Block, Downstairs 1,080 sq. ft
• MIS (Common Area and One Office) Admin. Block Upstairs 180 sq. ft
• Academics and HR Common Areas and three (3) cubicles.Admin. Block Upstairs 900 sq. ft
• Executive Office, One private bathroom Deputy Executive Director’s Office Finance Director’s and Dean of Academics. Accounting Office Two other offices Five cubicles One male bathroom One female bathroom 1,080 sq. ft

• Cabin 2 (Portland ) Facilities.One bathroom 784 sq. ft
• Cabin #3 (St. Catherine ) Accounts Dept. One bathroom 784 sq. ft
• Rec. Room Classroom Upstairs 1,120 sq. ft
• Rec. Room Classroom Downstairs 1,120 sq. ft
• Cabin #4 (Wellness Centre) One bathroom 784 sq. ft
• SAS Office Common Areas and three (3) offices 688 sq. ft
• Marine and Professional Studies Common Areas and four (4) Offices Conference Room One female bathroom, 5 stalls One male bathroom, two stalls, two urinals 2,260 sq. ft
Port Royal Campus
• Block A
Classrooms #(1-4)
Administrative Office/ Lecturers’ Room Bathroom, Kitchenette One male bathroom One female bathroom 3,514 sq. ft
• Block B
(Classrooms #(5, 7 and 8) Dean of Discipline’s Office.
One male bathroom One female bathroom 3,514 sq. ft
• Block C
Classrooms #(9, 10) Tuck Shop/ Canteen 1,570 sq. ft
• Classroom #12 (Stand alone building) 960 sq. ft
Air Jamaica Building (6th Floor) Carpeted
Classrooms # (1-5) Tuck Shop Placement Office Lecturers’ Office Administrative Office Two bathrooms 5,846 sq.ft

Services to be provided are as follows:

a) Clean the fixtures in the ladies’ and men’s room and maintain them in proper condition;

b) Ensure there is sufficient supply of hand towels, soap, air freshener, toilet paper and all other requirements as advised by the Bank in the said ladies’ and men’s room;

c) Clean the entrance (glass doors to the office twice daily and to have all landings mopped daily;

d) Undertake such cleaning as may reasonably be requested by the Institute during the course of the day of other areas covered with glass that are within reasonable reach to be cleans

e) Clean areas of cobweb as is required

f) Ensure bathroom tiles, doors of restroom cubicles and other related areas are kept clean regularly

g) Maintain the grounds (sweeping, garbage removal, lawn maintenance) of the Institute

Tender documents are available upon payment by cash, Certified/Managers check of a non-refundable fee in the amount of $1500
Tenders should be submitted no later than 1:00 PM, 2017-06-13 to:
Palisadoes Park; P.O. Box 8081 CSO Kingston; Jamaica West Indies
For more information contact Eron McLean at
Phone: 618-2047 Ext
or visit Caribbean Maritime Institute's website at
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