Consultant Services For Vinh Phuc Flood Risk Andwa Ter Management Projet

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   May 14, 2017
   May 12, 2018

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Original Text

General Procurement Notice for Consultant Services for Vinh Phuc Flood Risk Andwa Ter Management Projet Description :- The project will include the following components: Component 1 - Flood management: Construction of 03 new drainage pumping station to Pho Day and Red rivers with expected total capacity of 145 m3/s: (a) Kim Xa pumping station: expected capacity of 30m3/s drainage to Pho Day river; Dredge Nhi Hoang lake with scale of 30 ha; Construct discharging sewer of pumping station across Pho Day river dike; Invest in constructing 01 sewer at K3+128 and 01 regulator of 10 gates at K11+369 on Phan river;Construct a Kim Xa dumping site with scale of 3.2 ha. (b)Ngu Kien pumping station: Expected capacity of 35 m3/sdrainage to Red river at km17+00 Red river dike; Detention reservoir in fron t of pumping station with area of 30.9 ha; Suction dike with length of 3.96km and construction works on suction dike; Discharging di ke to Red river with length of 5.7km and construction works on suction dike; Dredge some sections of Phan river from Thuong Lap brid ge to Lac Y regulator with total length of 11.53km and construct new Vinh Son and Lac Y regulators. (c) Nguyet Duc pumping station: Expected capacity of 80 m3/sdrainage to Red river at km26+930 Red river dike; Construct Sau Vo sewer No.02 for water flow from Phan river to Nguyet Dumping station; Construct suction dike of length of 7.71km and construction works on suction dike; D etention reservoir in front of pumping station with area of 21ha; Construct the dike of pumping station with 3.15km length and const ruction works on the dike;Dredge Sau Vo river with area of 176.5ha; Construct spillway dam No.1 (inlet) Bspillway = 40m; Spillway N o.2 (outlet) Bspillway =40m; Construct reservoir management road with length of 5.7km; Dredge Phan river from the outlet of Dam Vaclake to Sau Vo sewerposition No.2 with length of 3.5km; Dong Mong dumping site of mud with area of 54.3 ha. (d) Basin C-03 Binh Xuyen riverin cluding: - Improve and dredge Cau Bon river with length of 7.7km; Improve and dredge Tranh river wi th length of 5.4km and construction works on the river; Improve and dredge Ba Hanh river with length of 7.5km; Embank some sections of the river with the length of 1.5km; Improve and dredge river part connecting from Cau Bon river to Tranh river with length of 0.8 km and construction works on the river; Construct Cau Ton regulator on Cau Bon river, expected scale Nxbxh = 3x6x8.4m; Construct CauSatregulator on Ca Lo river, expected scale Nxbxh = 3x6x10m; Component 2 - Water environment management: (a) Construct 05 wastewater collection and treatment systems with small scale at 04 towns: Huong Canh, Tho Tang,Yen Lac, Tam Hong. Total expected capacity is 7.284 m3/day night; Total length of the sewer network is around 20.6km; construct 20 bb Yoster pumping stations and 18 wells; (b) Construct 33 centralized wastewater treatment facilities in villages,residentiaclust

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