Electric Utility Substructure And Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Master Construction Agreement

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United States
   May 19, 2017
   Jun 14, 2017

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   1500 Warburton Ave Santa Clara, CA, 95050-3713 Attn: Deborah Barry (Project Manager)
United States

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Optical-fibre cables for information transmission   Installation of cable infrastructure   Optical-fibre cables   Coaxial cable   Optical-fibre cables for data transmission   Optical telecommunication cables  

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Tenders are invited for Electric Utility Substructure and Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Master Construction DESCRIPTION OF WORK The Work consists of installation of electric utility substructures and aerial fiber optic cable and associated site work as described in the Contract Documents and will be done on a unit price basis at the request of the City of Santa Clara. Requests will be made using a "Call Order" form, which the City of Santa Clara will issue to the Contractor from time to time, as Work is required. The Call Order form will contain reference to information such as budget, schedule, scope of work, bond requirements and liquidated damage provisions (See Document 00520). The Contractor will work with the City of Santa Clara and the Engineer to determine the basis for the information stated on the Call Order as requested or required. All Call Orders will be bound by the terms and conditions of the Master Agreement which will be incorporated by reference and included in this Project Manual. The Work generally includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following: the installation and testing of substructures for the underground and aerial installation of electric utility power/communication service cable, and associated equipment necessary for providing connections to specific facilities as well as removal of certain aerial facilities. The Work shall be performed in compliance with all applicable City, County, State and Federal Codes and Regulations, and shall meet all applicable industry specifications and standards for the performance of the Work. All Work will be located within the City limits of Santa Clara, California. Bidding Documents. In Order To Submit A Bid, A Potential Bidder Must Become A Plan Holder Of Record By Purchasing At Least (1) Copy Of The Bidding Documents And Making A Nonrefundable Payment Of $3.00 For Each Set Of Bidding Documents Purchased. City Will Accept Cash. Only Plan Holders Of Record Will Receive Addenda And Notices During Bidding. To Purchase A Copy Of The Bidding Documents, Contact Jennifer Shelton At Bidding Documents Need Not Be Returned To The City. Pre-bid Conference And Site Visit. City Will Conduct A Voluntary Pre-bid Conference And Site Visit. Bidders Are Strongly Encouraged To Attend The Pre-bid Conference And Site Visit. Time: 10:00 A.m. Date: May 31, 2017 Location: 881 Martin Avenue, Santa Clara, Ca 95050 Duration: 2 Hours

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