Vietnam Electricity Credit Rating and Bond Issuance Advisory Services

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   May 12, 2017
   May 25, 2017
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Assignment Title: 1241409 - Vietnam Electricity Credit Rating and Bond Issuance Advisory Services

Assignment Countries:
- Vietnam


The assignment will support the Vietnam Electricity (EVN)in preparing for a credit rating and in defining a bond issuance strategy. Subsequently EVN will decide whether to proceed with an actual credit rating(Phase 2)and a bond issue(Phase 3).

The scope of this assignment is for Phase 1 and includes the following support to EVN:

Phase 1: Advisory Services for Rating Readiness will support EVN to:(i)define the purpose of obtaining a credit rating and to define an overall strategy for bond issuance;(ii)achieve readiness for rating by an international credit rating agency;(iii)conducting a survey of historical ratings of comparable SOEs including but not limited to- other SOEs in Vietnam, analyzing the key lessons learned, and summarizing structural and pricing features and the issuance environment at the time.

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