Ctx Streamer And Source Tracking System

Request For Proposals

General Information

   May 19, 2017
   Jun 7, 2017

Contact information

   Room 4201, Building B, Xintian Century Business Center, Shixia North Second Street, Futian District, Shenzhen 518000, China Attn: Ms. Zhao

Goods, Works and Services

Vehicle location system   Global navigation and positioning systems (GPS or equivalent)   Dispatch system   Boat-location and public address system   Boat-location system  

Original Text

Tenders are invited for CTX streamer and source tracking system 1) Accessories of the K-Lander submarine observation base station, Quantity: 1 batch Price of Bidding Documents: ??500/$80/$80 Beginning of Selling Bidding Documents: 2017-05-09 Ending of Selling Bidding Documents: 2017-05-16 Deadline for Submitting Bids/Time of Bid Opening (Beijing Time): 2017-06-02 1430

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