Formative Research And Social And Behavioral Change Communication To Promote Improved Water, Sanitation And Hygiene Behaviors

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   May 8, 2017
   May 25, 2017

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Expression of Interest for Formative research and social and behavioral change communication to promote improved water, sanitation and hygiene behaviors in rural Cambodia. Objectives of Assignment The objective of the assignment is to assist the MRD and key stakeholders in the rural WASH sector to develop a SBCC package to promote improved WASH behaviors. This requires completion of the following tasks: 1) conduct rapid, qualitative research on handwashing with soap (HWWS); 2) develop an overarching umbrella brand to be used for all future WASH campaigns including branding guidelines; 3) develop a behaviorspecific campaign to promote latrine adoption and HWWS among rural Cambodians that includes training manuals, activity guidelines and outreach tools (both print and audiovisual); 4) conduct training to government staff on how to use and train others in the use of the tools; 5) conduct launch event of campaign materials. Scope of Work : Carry out qualitative research on barriers and motivations for HWWS amongst rural caretakers of children under five. Research has been conducted on handwashing, however, the findings need to be updated. Handwashing is a difficult behavior to investigate and the firm will be expected to propose innovative research methods that go beyond asking about handwashing behavior. Develop an overarching umbrella brand including the positioning, brand promise, call to action, logo, etc., that will be used for future WASH behavior change initiatives. The brand will need to be broad enough to encompass a variety of WASH behaviors. Based findings from HWWS research, the firm will develop a communication package that includes audiovisual products and interpersonal communication activities aimed at increasing latrine adoption and handwashing with soap among rural Cambodians. The firm will also support the Ministry of Rural Development to carry out a launch event of the new WASH brand and material. Expression of Interest Deadline 25May2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time Washington D.C.)

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