Preparation Of New Regulations And Tariff Options For Renewable Energy And Alternative Energy Sources

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   May 7, 2017
   May 22, 2017
   EU Development and Cooperation

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   World Bank Project Implementation Unit, Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, PCJ Building, 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10 Attn: Judy Marshall Anderson
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Tenders are invited for Energy Security and Efficiency Enhancement Project: Preparation of New Regulations and Tariff Options for Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy Sources The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) has received financing from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) towards the cost of the Energy Security and Efficiency Enhancement Project (ESEEP). This project is being implemented by the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology (MSET), the executing agency, in collaboration with several other state implementing partners. 2. In keeping with the objective of improving the countrys energy independence and increasing renewable and clean energy penetration in Jamaica, the MSET intends to apply part of the proceeds of the loan funds toward payments under a contract for the preparation of New Regulations and Tariff Options for Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy Sources. 3. The MSET now invites proposals to provide the following consulting services: Preparation of New Regulations and Tariff Options for Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy Sources. More details on the services are provided in the Terms of Reference. SCOPE OF WORK The selected consultancy firm will be required to: i. Review international best practices to stimulate RE/AE sources, for instance: REV in NY, California regulations, German best practices and lessons learned. Demand side management, Time of Use ( TOU ), energy storage not limited to batteries as well as rate reimbursable energy efficiency programs in the emerging market and options for interruptible rates for customers should also be considered, ii. Evaluate current Jamaican regulation and tariff setting for RE and AE. Specifically look into why Waste to Energy and Bagasse Cogeneration projects have been problematic to come to fruition, iii. Evaluate current incentives or lack thereof in Jamaica to implement RE /AE project, energy efficiency not to be overlooked. Evaluate budget neutral incentives that could be implemented under the Jamaican construct, iv. Consultations with the Jamaica Public Service Company as the electric utility operator with a view to assess among other things the possible impacts of new technologies and rate considerations, and considerations for how some of the energy solutions might be implemented, v. Interviews with Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and recent RE developers, to receive feedback on what they believe are the main improvements needed for greater development of RE and AE. This could include Wigton Windfarm, the 38 Content Solar project as well as failed Waste to Energy bidders, and others as recommended by MSET, vi. Evaluate what worked and is planned in other island grids (Caribbean/Hawaii/others) to show applicability of international best practices for Jamaica. etc.

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