Junior Consultant to support the establishment of the Task Manager Academy and to contribute to the preparation of Quality Assurance Dashboards

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Côte d'Ivoire
   May 7, 2017
   May 19, 2017
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Operations Committee Secretariat & Quality Assurance Department
Côte d'Ivoire
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1. Background
The Operations Committee Secretariat & Quality Assurance Department (SNOQ) works to continuously enhance the quality and timely delivery of bank operations, adopting a one-bank approach from identification to completion, with a view to facilitating the achievement of the high-5 corporate agenda.
Over the past five years the Quality Assurance Division has revamped the set of quality assurance (QA) and results reporting (RR) tools applicable to Bank public sector operations throughout the project cycle. To enhance staff skills in the use of these tools, a series of training modules have been developed covering: (i) the results-based logical framework (RLF), (ii) quality at entry (QaE) standards and project rating during preparation, (iii) performance reporting and rating during implementation through the Implementation Progress and Results Report (IPR), and (iv) project completion reporting (PCR) and performance rating. The QA dashboard system developed by the division aims at monitoring the use of QA tools and more particularly at verifying that project ratings are candid and evidence-based.
Building on these achievements, the Task Manager (TM ) Academy” has been conceived as a Bank-wide effort aimed at establishing and institutionalizing a comprehensive e-learning program mandatory for all Task Managers of the AfDB. Key operational challenges that will be addressed through the TM Academy include, among others, improving project preparation, strengthening results log-frameworks and complying with IPR and PCR guidelines on rating methodology.
The Quality Assurance Division (SNOQ.2) will recruit a junior consultant to work collaboratively with staff in the Department and other Bank partner units to support the establishment of the TM Academy. The tasks assigned to the consultant will also include contribution to the preparation of the regular QA Dashboards reports prepared by trhe Division.
2. Duties, Responsibilities and Expected Achievements
The services of a bilingual (French-English) Consultant are required to assist SNOQ.2 mainly in developing the QA training curricula and modules and contribute to the preparation of Quality Assurance Dashboards. Specific duties and responsibilities are outlined hereunder:
(i) Review the content of materials on the QaE tools (Power point presentations, narratives, case studies/exercises), and translation of some of the work;
(ii) Upload materials on the learning platform and ensure thorough testing of materials prior to delivery;
(iii) Contribute to the development of online courses with collaborating departments (PPT, narratives, translation);
(iv) Support the development of multimedia materials (video recording) and/or narratives for presentations;
(v) Assist in liaising with the other Bank Departments - including those in charge of sector operations, human resources, policy and strategy, and the AfDB Institute - for the purpose of developing and delivering online training;
(vi) Assist in designing flyers, posters and other dissemination materials on the Task Manager Academy;
(vii) Undertake assessments of a sample of Readiness Reviews , Implementation progress and results and project completion reports for quality control purpose;
(viii) Contribute to the preparation of the bi-annually Quality Assurance Dashboard;
(ix) Assist in handling queries received from learners and other requests submitted through the Quality Assurance Assistant (website);
(x) Participate to the bi-weekly Quality Assurance clinics organized by the Division;
(xi) Contribute to the preparation of knowledge products on QA;
(xii) Undertake any other tasks/assignments as assigned by the Manager SNOQ.2.
3. Management/supervision of the consultancy
The Consultant will work under the overall guidance of the SNOQ.2 Manager, and the immediate supervision of the other Quality Assurance Specialists of the Division.

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