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   Apr 20, 2017
   May 10, 2017
   National procurement

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Status: Current
Number: HPVITS2017-086
UNSPSC: 42295300 - Open heart surgical supplies and accessories and related products - (100%)


Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) invites tenders for the provision of Heart Valve Replacement Products to participating health services.

Further information in relation to this Invitation to Supply (ITS) can be found on the Heart Valve Replacement Products page on the HPV website (

ITS Documentation

· Tender documents will be available to download via the HPV Procurement Portal from Wednesday 19 April 2017

· All respondents must register on the HPV website before gaining access to the HPV Procurement Portal.


All communication regarding the ITS must be in writing via the Message function in the HPV Procurement Portal. Closing date for last enquiries in relation to this tender is 03 May 2017. HPV reserves the right to not provide answers to questions asked after the last date for enquiries.

Tender Submissions

· Tender submissions for this ITS are through the HPV Procurement Portal - accessed via the HPV website. Submissions in any other format will not be accepted.

· Full details of the delivery method are found in Part 3 Tender Conditions.

· Late tender submissions will NOT be accepted other than in exceptional circumstances as described in Part 3 Tender Conditions.

Ignore the reference to the Tender box submission below. All offers MUST be received through the HPV Procurement Portal as stated above.

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Closes on Wed, 10 May 2017 2:00 PM AEST Melbourne, Victoria

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