Talaz Road Ulmaral River Bridge Bridge Replacement Planning Preparation Survey

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   Apr 14, 2017
   Apr 28, 2017

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   15, Razzakov str., Bishkek, 720040, Kyrygyz Republic.
   +996-312 900270 / 03-5226-6612

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Road bridge construction work  

Original Text

Tenders are invited for Kyrgyzstan County Taras - Talaz Road Ulmaral River Bridge Bridge Replacement Planning Preparation Survey. Description of Business (1) Creation, Explanation and Consultation of the Inception Report (2) Confirmation of the Background and Background of the Project (3) Confirmation of Project Implementation and Maintenance System (4) Soundness Survey of Existing Bridges and Cause Analysis of Damage (5) Site Survey (Natural Conditions Etc) Investigation (6) Environmental and Social Consideration Survey (7) Confirmation of Laws and Standards Related to the Transportation Sector, Design and Construction Conditions (8) Trends in Related Projects, Results of Road Improvement, Road Design and Construction, Confirmation of Current Situation, Confirmation of Various Lessons Learned (9) Procurement Circumstances Survey (10) Traffic Volume Survey and Future Traffic Estimation (11) Planning of Business Contents, Selection of Bridge Type (12) Organization of the Outline of the Partner Country%s Contribution Matters (13) Project Maintenance and Management Plan (14) Review of Software Components (15) Summary of Project Summary of Project Cost (16) Implementation of Cooperation Target Project Arrangement of Remarks on Implementation of Detailed Design (17) Examination of Assumed Business Risk (18) Evaluation of Project (19) Explanation of Business Outline to Japanese Companies (20) Preparation, Explanation and Consultation of Preparatory Research Report (Draft), Preparation of Preparatory Research Report, Etc. Proposal submission: until 12:00 on April 28, 2017

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