Conducting the 2017 Facility Assessment for Reproductive Health Commodities and Services in Mozambique

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   Apr 11, 2017
   May 4, 2017
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UNFPA supports the Government of Mozambique in broadening access to quality Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services at several levels, since 2010, UNFPA, through its flagship programme, UNFPA Supplies, has supported the conduct of an annual survey on the availability and stock-out of contraceptives and maternal health medicines in the programme implementing countries. The survey was expanded in 2013 in three fronts; a) to focus on the availability of three modern contraceptive methods at primary service delivery points, and five modern contraceptive methods at both secondary and tertiary service delivery points; b) to cover 46 countries, and c) to include other key issues related to family planning service delivery.

The survey has been expanded to cover both the availability of Reproductive Health (RH) commodities and salient aspects of service delivery facilities that underpin good RH programmes. In addition to assessing the availability and stock out of RH commodities, the survey addresses the supply chain (including cold chain); staff training and supervision; availability of guidelines and protocols, Information Communication Technology, method of waste disposal and user fee. In addition, the survey also obtains the views of clients about the services. In 2017, similarly to 2015, it will also be included an assessment of the availability of “additional” commodities, and for the first time, it will be included as a short questionnaire related to the use of Generic Contraceptives.

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