Construction And Completion Of Terminal Building At Bumthang Domestic Airport

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   Apr 7, 2017
   May 3, 2017

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   Post Box No. 1299, Paro Int. Airport
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Airport buildings construction work   Construction work for airports  

Original Text

Tenders are invited for Construction and Completion of Terminal Building at Bumthang Domestic Airport Objectives: Whereas, the Employer and the Bidder agree to enter into this agreement, hereinafter referred to as IP, to avoid all forms of corruption or deceptive practice by following a system that is fair, transparent and free from any influence/unprejudiced dealings in the bidding process1 and contract administration2, with a view to: 2.1 Enabling the Employer to obtain the desired contract at a reasonable and competitive price in conformity to the defined specifications of the works or goods or services; and 2.2 Enabling bidders to abstain from bribing or any corrupt practice in order to secure the contract by providing assurance to them that their competitors will also refrain from bribing and other corrupt practices.

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