Purchasing of Goods (supplying high temperature conductors (INVAR Type or Equivalent) with all accessories and fittings for 220kV overhead transmission lines)

Request For Proposals


Edition 2:   Mar 27, 2017 (shown)
Edition 1:   Mar 24, 2017

General Information

   Mar 27, 2017
   Apr 26, 2017
   World Bank
   International procurement

Contact information

   Eng. Safaa Mahmoud Gohar
Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC)
Extension of Ramsis St, Abbassia,
   (202) 22616537
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Invitation for Bids

Arab Republic of Egypt

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company(EETC)

Supply of Thermal Resistant, Aluminium Alloy Clad, SteelReinforced Conductors

(Invar Type or Equivalent)

Loan No.: TF 9693-EG

ICB No: 4/2016/2017

The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC), hereinafter called "Owner" invites sealedBids from international Bidders for supplying high temperature conductors (INVARType or Equivalent) with all accessories and fittings for 220kV overheadtransmission lines, divided into four (4) lots, as shown in Bidding Documents "Goods".

Theoverhead transmission lines willbe divided to 4 lots as follow: -

1)         Lot 1: 220kV OHTL, Aswan connection/ Selwa ? 94 km route

2)         Lot 2: 220kV OHTL, Selwa/ El-Naqra ? 66 km route

3)         Lot 3: 220kV OHTL, El-Naqra/ Aswan ? 78 km route

4)         Lot 4: 220kV OHTL, Suez 2/ Badr ? 80 km route

The completion period (5) months for each lot starting from the contract signature.

Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information, inspect and acquire the Bid Document, at the office of EETC from9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the following address:

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC)         

Head of Purchasing& StoresSector

Address: Extension of Ramsis St,Abbassia,

City: Cairo,

Country: Egypt

Tel & Fax: + (202)22616537


Acomplete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased by interested Bidders on the submission of a written application in one originaland two copies, accompanied by payment receipt of non-refundable USD500 (only the amount of five hundred US Dollars) from NationalBank of Egypt - Nasr City Branch - Cairo, Egypt - Account No. 11001007177.

Bids must be submitted to the above EETC office on or before 26rd of April 2017 on 12:00 noon (CLT) in two envelopes.

EnvelopeA must contain all requiredinformation, except the price schedules and must be accompanied by a Bid Security in an acceptable formwith total amount of USD500,000 (only the amount of five hundred thousand US Dollars) asfollows:

5)         For lot 1: USD145, 000

6)         For lot 2: USD105, 000

7)         For lot 3: USD125, 000

8)         Forlot 4: USD125, 000

Envelope B must include the price schedules.

Only Envelope A of Bids will be opened on the same date and timementioned above in the presence of Bidders' representatives who choose to attend, at EETC Headquarter at the address shown above.

Bidders whose Bids have been determined to be substantiallyresponsive shall be informed of the opening date for Envelope B.



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