Develop a national strategy and action to prevent and mitigate child marriage in Lebanon

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   Mar 19, 2017
   Apr 5, 2017
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Develop a national strategy and action to prevent and mitigate child marriage in Lebanon.

UNICEF Lebanon Country Office (LCO) is seeking to hire a high-level, senior contractor or a consultancy firm with strong gender and child protection background to support the Lebanese Higher Council for Childhood (HCC) in the development of a national strategy to end child marriage by supporting HCC#s leadership of an engaged group of civil society actors, while also ensuring that a multi-sectoral collaboration is in place with engagement of key actors from several sectors such as education, child & social protection, legal, youth, livelihood, health and
communication for development (C4D). The contractor will support the HCC to address effectively the intersection between safety/protection, material/economic, and social/religious drivers and reinforce positive social norms that promote marriage within the context of full consent from two adults. Specifically, the incumbent will: -
i. Undertake a desk review of existing and concurrent efforts to better understand child marriage in Lebanon. This should include reviewing and mapping national strategies, frameworks, initiatives, and stakeholders supporting child marriage prevention and response; as well as regional or global strategies, frameworks, and initiatives that could inform or support these efforts_ It should build on research already conducted and provide a mapping of policy and program initiatives (including interventions aimed at mitigating the contributing factors to child marriage), to provide an understanding of what is being done, what works, and what can go to scale including the mechanisms and strategies needed to do so. Given the large number of existing and concurrent research initiatives around child marriage, it will be critical to collate existing findings and coordinate with key focal points such as UNFPA, Lebanese American University, University Saint Joseph, International Rescue Committee, Danish Refugee Council, etc. in order to avoid duplication and minimize time demands on core child marriage key informants and partners.
ii. Organize 6 field level consultation workshops in Akkar, Tripoli, Bekaa, Beirut/Mount Lebanon and South Lebanon, and 1 National consultation with governmental agencies/relevant ministries representatives, judges, parliamentarians, religious leaders, UN and National and International NGOs from relevant sectors (including GBV, Child Protection, Health, Education, Social Protection, Youth, etc), academic institutions
iii. Organize 25 FGDs with men, women, boys and girls (married and not married) as well as community leaders from the different cohorts present in Lebanon (Lebanese, Syrian, Palestine refugees from Lebanon, Palestine Refugees from Syria) and from different settings (urban, rural, informal settlements), to identify priorities.

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