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   Mar 19, 2017
   Mar 28, 2017
   National procurement

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   Sonam Rukhsar Sarwar
UNICEF Afghanistan Country Office, UNOCA Compound, Paktia Kote, District 9th, Jalalabad Road, Kabul City, Afghanistan
   +93 798507314
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UNICEF wishes to enter into (a) non-exclusive Long Term Arrangement(s) ("LTA") for procurement of Blanket, as required from time to time during the term of the LTA. It will be a provision of such Arrangement(s), that UNICEF will not be committed to purchase any minimum quantity of these goods, and that purchases will be made only if and when there is an actual requirement. UNICEF shall not be liable for any cost in the event that no purchases are made under any resulting LTA(s).

The quantities outlined in this ITB, are an estimated forecast of the total requirement for the proposed duration of the LTA. The estimates are provided in good faith and shall not in any way be deemed to be a commitment on the part of UNICEF regarding any quantity for future purchases.

Purchases will be made against Purchase Order to be issued by UNICEF in accordance with the terms and conditions of any resulting LTA(s). Actual quantities to be purchased will vary from Purchase Order to Purchase Order.

UNICEF has a potential requirement for the items/services in the quantities and with the specifications outlined in the schedules to this bid.


Bidders are requested to:
(a)Provide unit prices in (AFN) that will remain valid for a period of 90 days after bid closure.
(b)Provide unit prices to UNICEF as a most favored customer;
(c) Advise as to any discounts applicable for bulk purchases or payment within a specified period of time.

(CIP - UNICEF Afghanistan Country Office, UNOCA Compound, Paktia Kote, District 9th, Jalalabad Road, Kabul City, Afghanistan Warehouse)

Deliveries shall be made as per instructions in UNICEF's Purchase Orders. Bidders shall indicate the average minimum lead time for delivery for each item offered (subject to quantities), defined as time from receipt of order and the manufacturing period until goods are available for dispatch from the point of origin.

Bidders are requested to note that UNICEF will monitor and measure the performance of the successful bidder, in comparison with average minimum lead time indicated in this bid. Accordingly, it is imperative that bidders state realistic average minimum lead times .

For delivery to UNICEF warehouse, UNICEF Afghanistan Country Office, UNOCA Compound, Paktia Kote, District 9th, Jalalabad Road, Kabul City, Afghanistan, OR other

Bids should be valid for a period of not less than 90 days after bid opening, unless otherwise specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions. Bidders are requested to indicate the validity period of their bid, as UNICEF may place additional orders against the lowest acceptable bid if requests for identical equipment are received from our field offices during the bid validity period. UNICEF may also request the validity period to be extended.

Sealed Bids received prior to the stated closing time and date will be kept unopened. The Officer of the Bid Section will open Bids when the specified time has arrived and no Bid received thereafter will be considered.
UNICEF will accept no responsibility for the premature opening of a Bid which is not properly addressed or identified.
3.1 Bidders, or their authorized representative, may attend the public opening of the Bid at the time, date and location specified. Bidders should note that the Bid Opening is the only time and place where information related to pricing from competitors is available.
Any request for information regarding the s_pecifications should be forwarded to the Contracting Officer who PREPARED the Bid, and NOT to the Bid Section.

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