Research on Public Transit Network Rationalization

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   Mar 14, 2017
   Mar 27, 2017
   World Bank

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   Cheng Jinping
Jiaozuo Transport Bureau
No. 759, Yingbin Road, Jiaozuo, Henan Province, People?s Republic of China
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People's Republic ofChina

Jiaozuo Green Transport and Safety Improvement Project

Project ID: P132277

Loan No.: 8370-CN


Assignment Title:Research on Public Transit Network Rationalization

Reference No.: JZZX308                   


The Government of the People's Republic of China has received a loan from the World Bank to finance thecosts of Jiaozuo Green Transport and Safety Improvement Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds to consulting services.


The consulting services ("the Services") include: propose scientific and feasible PTS rationalizationschemes combining with the WB Loan Jiaozuo Green Transport and Traffic Safety Improvement Project, particularly combining with theconstruction of the safety system corridor and public transit infrastructures.

The specific services are as follows:

1)  survey on characteristics of travel on public transit inJiaozuo;

2)  analysis on current status of JiaozuoPTS;

3)  establishment ofJiaozuo urban public transit models;

4)  short-term adjustment scheme for JiaozuoPTS;

5)  study on Jiaozuopublic transit stops/depots;

6)  short-term rationalization andimplementation scheme for Jiaozuo PTN;

7) medium-term and long-term planning for Jiaozuo PTS.


The Servicesunder this contract are expected to be 12 months, and commenced at October 8, 2017. Thetotal estimated cost is: RMB: 2 million.


China International TenderingCo., Ltd. (ITC)on behalf of the Client, Jiaozuo Transport Bureau, now inviteseligibleconsulting firms ("Consultants") to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants shouldprovide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services.


Theshortlisting criteria are:


Qualification for the firm:                                         

The Consultant shall have experience of successful completion ofat least 2 projects regarding urban publictransit special planning or PTN rationalization in the last 5 years, and shall be able to provide proofs (contract or acceptancereport) issued by its Clients.


The following documents are required:

i)                   Legal name of the firm and its businesslicenses;

ii)                 Contact person and details (address, phonenumbers, and email address);

iii)                Firm's general profile, or brochures; 

iv)                Describe the organization structure, staffing situation andfacilities;

v)       List general projects experiences with prove documents for in the past five years, including the completed and the on-going projects;

vi)     Describe specifically the similarassignments and experiences with prove documents that have been completed in the past five years;

vii)   Other documentation as firm findsnecessary to demonstrate its capability and competency to the assignment.


The attention of interested Consultantsis drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank's "Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits" issued in January 2011, setting forth the World Bank's policy onconflict of interest. 


A Consultant mayassociate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance theirqualifications.


A Consultant willbe selected in accordance with the Quality and CostBased Selection (QCBS) method set out in the Consultant Guidelines.


Further information (including Term of Reference) can be obtained at the address below, during office hours, from March 13th, 2017, 09:00 to 17:00 (Beijing time) from Monday toFriday.


Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to theclient's address below (inperson or by e-mail) by March27th, 2017.


Client: Jiaozuo Transport Bureau

Attn:    Mrs. ChengJinping

Address: No. 759, Yingbin Road, Jiaozuo, Henan Province, People's Republic ofChina

Tel:     86-0391-3564417

Fax:     86-0391-3561718



Procurement agent?China International Tendering Co., Ltd. (ITC)

Attn:    Mr. Zhang Tianran, Zhangyan

Address: No.90, Xisanhuan Zhonglu, FengtaiDistrict, Beijing 100055, P.R. China.

Tel:    86-10-63348538, 8601

Fax:    86-10-63348691


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